Akash Deep’s life journey will motivate you to not give up in your own life

Akash Deep

Who is Akash Deep? 

Akash Deep had a tough journey to get to the national cricket team. He’s from Bihar and faced many challenges along the way. Losing his father and brother was really hard, and he had to take breaks from cricket to deal with it. Money problems made things even harder. But Akash didn’t give up. He kept going, even when it seemed impossible. With lots of determination, he pushed through the tough times and finally achieved his dream of playing for his country.

Akash Deep’s Test Cricket Debut

When Akash made his Test cricket debut against England in Ranchi at the age of 27, he did really well. He took three important wickets in England’s first innings. He got this chance because Jasprit Bumrah, another fast bowler, was taking a break. Under Rohit Sharma’s leadership, Akash showed his talent and determination, making a performance that people will remember for a long time.

Growing up, Akash faced a lot of difficulties. People around him would make fun of him, and even his friends’ relatives would criticize him. But now, he doesn’t hold any grudges against them.

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Akash Deep’s Toughest Time

In 2015, Akash went through the toughest time of his life. He lost both his father and brother within six months. His father had a stroke and passed away, and then his brother died two months later. With money problems at home, Akash had to take care of his mother. He took a break from cricket for three years but couldn’t stay away for too long because he loved the sport too much. He moved to Durgapur and then Kolkata, where he lived with his brother in a simple place.

Akash is thankful for his friends who supported him during tough times. In Durgapur, he played cricket for clubs to earn money. His uncle also helped him a lot, encouraging him to focus on cricket despite the challenges.

Before playing for the national team, Akash played many matches for Bengal in different formats of cricket. He did really well, taking lots of wickets. In the IPL, he plays for Royal Challengers Bangalore and has done a good job there too.

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