Lal Salaam Movie Review: How is Rajinikanth in the Movie?

Lal Salaam Movie Review

So, here’s the scoop on Lal Salaam – a flick that dives into the rivalry between two local cricket teams stirring up some religious tension in a Tamil Nadu village.

Alright, so Aishwaryaa Rajinikanth, in her directorial debut with “3,” showed she’s got this knack for crafting these sweet, delicate moments on screen. And guess what? She pulls it off again with Lal Salaam.

But, just like in “3,” she kinda keeps these tender bits on a leash because she’s got this bigger plot to tackle. There’s this cute scene where Rajinikanth (playing Moideen Bhai) pretends to be a bowler while playing cricket with his son (Vikranth). Adorable, right?

However, Aishwaryaa gets a bit carried away with some scenes, especially this never-ending dinner table chat with a family. Like, we’re all for feeling warm and fuzzy, but when it drags on forever, it’s like, “Come on, let’s move it along, folks!”

The runtime is like the villain here. Those lengthy scenes? Totally unnecessary. They don’t even contribute much to the story, making the whole thing feel like it’s stuck in quicksand.

Now, let’s give props where it’s due – the film’s tackling some heavy topics, like religious tension and the Hindu-Muslim divide. Kudos for that. But, it would’ve been cooler if they’d added some more finesse to how it all wraps up. Like, don’t just go for the easy way out, you know?

Shoutout to Vishnu Rangasamy’s camera work, though. It keeps things smooth and flowing. And AR Rahman’s tunes? They’re cool on their own but don’t add much to the overall vibe.

Oh, and let’s not forget the main man, Rajinikanth. His presence? Pure magic. But hey, the rest of the cast holds their own, especially Vishnu Vishal, who’s just fantastic.

So, there you have it – Lal Salaam. It’s got its moments, but it’s also got its flaws. If you’re into some heavy drama with a side of cricket, give it a shot.

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