Thalapathy Vijay announces retirement from films | 69th movie to be his last

“Thalapathy Vijay Announces Formation of New Political Party, Shifts Focus from Films to Political Career. Set to Contest in 2026 Elections!”

Big Announcement from Vijay: Launching Tamizhaga Vetri Kazhagam (TVK) Political Party

In a much-anticipated move, Tamil actor Vijay has officially entered the political arena by announcing the formation of his political party, Tamizhaga Vetri Kazhagam (TVK), also known as Tamil Nadu’s Victory Party. Taking to X (formerly Twitter), Vijay shared a statement detailing his decision.

Why TVK?

In his statement, Vijay explained that despite the commendable social work done by his fan club, Vijay Makkal Iyakkam, there’s a need for political power to make a more significant impact.

Political Scenario in Tamil Nadu

Vijay addressed the current political landscape in Tamil Nadu, describing it as plagued by a dysfunctional administration, corruption, and divisive politics based on caste, creed, and religion. He expressed the undeniable longing among the people for a change and a desire for a selfless, honest, secular, and talented political party.

2026 Elections and Full-Time Political Commitment

Vijay declared his intention to contest in the 2026 state legislative assembly elections, aiming to bring about the desired political transformation sought by the people of Tamil Nadu. He emphasized that after completing his current film project, Venkat Prabhu’s “Greatest Of All Time,” he will quit cinema to focus full-time on politics.

TVK’s Mission and Goals

Highlighting the party’s commitment to the people of Tamil Nadu, Vijay assured that all activities would align with the party’s mission and goals. He emphasized that his dedication to politics is not just a profession but a sacred duty, stating, “Politics, in my perspective, is not a pastime; it is my profound endeavor.”

Social Work and Grass-Root Level Engagement

Vijay promised that while he pursues politics, his party members will continue their social work at the grass-root level, ensuring a continued impact on the community.

A Gratitude to Tamil Nadu

Expressing gratitude to the people of Tamil Nadu, Vijay concluded by stating that his upcoming political journey is a debt of gratitude to the people, and he is committed to serving them without distractions.

The actor-turned-politician’s announcement sets the stage for an interesting political chapter in Tamil Nadu’s history.

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