Kriti Sanon’s best morning skincare routine for glowing skin

Kriti Sanon, an incredibly talented Indian actress, is not just gifted in her craft but also known for her fitness and  beauty. With a remarkable physique and radiant skin, she has made a mark in both the Tollywood and Bollywood industries, gathering a massive fan base, particularly among the younger generation.

Recently, she appeared in the film “Adipurush” alongside superstar Prabhas. It is worth mentioning that Kriti Sanon’s beauty transcends not only on-screen but also off-screen.

Have you ever wondered how Kriti Sanon maintains her flawless skin? It’s not just about superficial fixes – Kriti’s skincare routine is all about pampering her skin with tailored treatments that truly understand its unique requirements. We’ll dive into the world of Kriti Sanon’s skincare wisdom to explore the power of research, the magic of hydration, and the art of nourishment.

Now, let’s delve into her secrets for achieving glowing skin, her best morning skincare Routine, and her dietary preferences.

Kriti Sanon’s Best morning skincare Routine

1) Morning Hydration

Kriti begins her daily skincare routine by focusing on morning hydration. She is aware that moisturized skin is the foundation of a good complexion, especially when interacting in front of the camera. Hydration keeps the skin looking young and prepares it for makeup application. Kriti makes sure that her skin is fed and protected from environmental stresses throughout the day by integrating antioxidants and vitamin C into her routine.

2) Mask

Kriti Sanon loves using a probiotic Greek yoghurt mask, which is one special aspect of her skincare routine. More than just a sweet treat, this mask has numerous advantages. Because it balances the skin’s microbiota, Greek yoghurt is full of probiotics that help maintain healthy skin. Kriti’s thorough knowledge of natural ingredients is demonstrated by the way its nourishing qualities leave the skin soft and refreshed.

3) Internal Hydration

Kriti Sanon’s skincare wisdom goes beyond external treatments. She understands that true radiance comes from within. She begins her day with a warm glass of lemon water, a practice that is known for its detoxifying and hydrating properties. In addition to flushing out toxins, this simple addition maintains the skin’s moisture balance, which contributes to a clear, radiant complexion.

4) Niacinamide

Niacinamide, a multipurpose component in Kriti’s toner, is an essential for all skin types. This excellent component has many advantages, including nourishing, soothing, and skin-brightening effects. Anyone’s skincare collection must include it because of its exceptional ability to manage excessive oil production.

5) Vitamin C

Kriti Sanon’s morning skincare routine includes the Brightening Elixir Vitamin C. As an antioxidant and brightener, vitamin C combats dullness and protects the skin from oxidative stress.

6) Sunscreen

According to Kriti Sanon, “Sunscreen is extremely important because in the long run, sun damage is very difficult to reverse.” This claim shows how important sun protection is to her skincare routine. Kriti makes sure her skin is kept moisturised, nourished, and protected from UV rays by using a moisturising sunscreen enriched with ceramides.

So, for anyone looking for a radiant and healthy complexion, Kriti Sanon’s skincare insights are a gold mine of information. You too can begin a skincare journey that reflects your individual beauty by embracing the power of research, hydration, and personalised care. Include parts of Kriti’s routine into your own, from moisturising morning rituals to powerful products like niacinamide and vitamin C, and see how your skin changes into a radiant canvas that exudes self-assurance and well-being.


Here are our top 6 Kriti Sanon’s picks

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  5. Toning
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  2. (Advanced) With Vit E
  3. Ferulic Acid For Glowing Skin
  4. Advanced Brightening Formula With Power of Vit C & E
  5. Ferulic Acid & Fullerenes
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  1.  Hydro Boost Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Gel
  2. Water gel
  3. Daily Moisturizer for 5x more of hydration for refreshed plump glowing skin
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  1. SPF/Formulated with Beetroot Extracts
  2. Olive Oil
  3. Shea Butter
  4. Vitamin E
  5. Avocado Oil
  6. Best for both women and men

Kriti Sanon’s Healthy Eating Habits

Kriti Sanon’s Best morning skincare Routine
                      Image Courtesy – Kriti Sanon Instagram official ID          

We have discussed her skincare routine, but we also need to understand what she eats in order to keep her skin healthy.  In the glamorous world of Bollywood, Kriti Sanon shines not only for her acting talent but also for her love of food and disciplined eating routine.
We’ll look into Kriti Sanon’s eating habits, including her love of mangoes, ghee coffee, street food, and her opinions on eating a balanced diet.

1) Mango

 Kriti Sanon’s culinary journey begins with her favorite fruit – the succulent mango. Known for its sweet and juicy flavors, it’s no wonder Kriti can’t resist this tropical delight. But her breakfast routine takes an unexpected twist with the introduction of ghee coffee. This intriguing blend sets the tone for her mornings.

2) Kriti’s breakfast

Kriti’s breakfast choices are as diverse as her roles in Bollywood. From traditional Indian breakfasts like poha to contemporary classics like peanut butter toast with boiled eggs, she ensures her morning meal fuels her for the day ahead. Oats and pancakes also find a spot in her rotation, showcasing her commitment to variety.

3) Balancing Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian Meals

Kriti’s approach to meals reflects her balanced lifestyle. While she leans towards vegetarian meals for lunch or dinner, she doesn’t shy away from indulging in the occasional chicken or mutton curry. This balance highlights her flexible attitude towards food and her understanding of the body’s nutritional needs.

4) Eating Habits and Dietary Preferences

Kriti’s eating habits offer insights into her metabolism. Her preference for smaller, frequent meals reflects her need for sustained energy throughout the day. Her affinity for seafood, particularly fish, adds a healthy dose of lean protein to her diet. While she enjoys cooked meals over salads, her fondness for vegetables like bindi and gobi underscores her appreciation for diverse flavors.

5) The Ghee Factor

Kriti’s belief in the benefits of ghee is evident as she includes it in her morning coffee. The inclusion of ghee aligns with her focus on holistic health, as ghee is known for its nourishing properties. Kriti’s decision to incorporate this traditional ingredient into her modern lifestyle emphasizes her holistic approach to wellness.

6) Satisfying Cravings and Sweet Indulgences 

Kriti’s love for desserts shines through as she shares her favorite Indian sweets – gulab jamun, rasmalai, and kaju ki barfi. These traditional delights hold a special place in her heart. Her weakness for chocolates reveals her relatable side, as she confesses to indulging in them from time to time.

7) A Palette of Flavors

 Kriti’s love for diverse cuisines is apparent in her food choices. From street food delicacies like chaat to global favorites like burgers and pizzas, her palate is well-traveled. Even in the midst of a busy schedule, she opts for online food orders, highlighting her practicality. When shooting a film, she makes mindful choices by opting for cleaner options like quinoa over heavier carbs.

“Get out of your lazy beds and do some exercise- walk around, yoga, mat workout, dance(my fav) , cardio, anything.. just wake up every inch of your body, and you’ll have a great day!!,”
– Kriti Sanon

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